Blurry nighttime photo of Tamachi  (metro) Station in Tokyo
Somewhat blurry photo of my Japanese breakfast at the hotel.

Day 2 in Tokyo, Japan…  And some miscellaneous notes…

  •  Walking around Tokyo, we are surrounded by a sea of Asian people —  we are the oddball westerners — and yet, no one gives us a second glance. Everyone has been so kind, friendly and polite. All the workers in the stores and restaurants smile and greet us politely. When was the last time in the US that a check-out person at a store actually smiled and thanked me for my business?
  • I do notice furtive glances from other westerners as we meet on the street…  Kind of like we aren’t sure if we should greet each other or not.  We do kind of “stick out” in our appearance. Yesterday at the Tokyo Tower, we came across two girls taking pictures…  both tall and blond. It was automatic to just assume that they spoke English, and offer to take their picture for them. Otherwise…  since I am still learning the language, I tend to walk around in my “bubble.” I am hoping that after a while I won’t feel so conspicuous.
  • Jet lag…  The jet lag is awful. I feel groggy during the day, and wakeful at night. It affects my body and mind in so many ways! It affects my appetite, my digestion, and most of all my sleep. My days and nights are completely mixed up right now.  From past experience, I know that after about 4 days, things start to improve. I can’t wait.
  • Cell phones. My cell phone works here in Japan (Thank you T-Mobile!!!) I get free texting and data here, and calls back to the US are only 20 cents per minute… and I have wifi calling. My husband’s phone is from another company, and he can only use his on wifi. He will be getting a company phone here. I probably will get a phone for in-country calls.
  • But…  Just because you have roaming turned off, doesn’t mean your phone won’t receive calls.  My husband got a call from back home at 1:40 this morning. It was 11:40AM back home.  We actually happened to be asleep at that point, but not after that. *sigh*
  • Breakfast. Our hotel offers a very nice breakfast in the morning. Traditional western breakfast…  along with traditional Japanese offerings. See above photo. I kind of like the Japanese breakfast…  more savory choices than a western breakfast. They pretty much eat fish, rice, vegetables, and miso soup at every meal. I have even taken a liking to the various seaweeds that they eat. I think I like it here…

First Day in Tokyo!


We are sitting in our hotel room in Tokyo. We arrived yesterday evening after a long flight from Atlanta. The hotel is located just a short distance from Tokyo Tower in Minato-ku, Tokyo. It is just a 15 minute walk from where my husband will be working in Shibaura. From our hotel window, I can see Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge crossing it.  I can see airplanes leaving Haneda International Airport, and I can see high-rise buildings all around — for miles. As we rode the bus in from Narita International yesterday, I saw the silhouette of Mt. Fuji in the distance, back lit by the setting sun.

We have spent the day exploring this area of Tokyo…  walking the route to my husband’s new office, walking the perimeter of Shiba Park and around the Tokyo Tower…  just trying to get acclimated to our new surroundings. Map in hand, and GPS on the phone, we have meandered through the streets. Addresses here are difficult to understand… street names/building numbers are not often visible, and many signs are written only in Japanese characters. It is weird to be on this side of the language/culture barrier… to be the “foreigner.”

It all feels very surreal to me at this point. It is still hard to believe that this is happening. The past few weeks have been hectic and stressful with preparations, and leaving behind our home and our family and our pets. I am excited to finally get here and move on to learning about our new city and its culture. I am sure that there will be days when I regret the decision to come here…  but I hope there will be many more days that I revel in this amazing experience.

Tomorrow afternoon, we are scheduled to go on an apartment hunting trip with the relocation company. They have eight apartments for us to see in the area close to the office. We are hoping to find something soon, so that we can start to feel more settled in this place. More tomorrow, and photos to follow…

Almost there…

When we were first offered this two year assignment to Japan, pretty much all we thought about was how interesting and exciting it would be to experience living in another place and another culture.  We really didn’t consider just how complicated and exhausting the actual “moving” part of the experience would be.  Not that I regret our decision in any way…  I would still choose to do this even so… but since part of the reason I am doing this blog is to inform people about how this whole process works (the good and the bad), I have to be honest about how stressful it can be.

I am SO ready to be done with this part and on to the adventure part of it. And… in 4 days we will be. But those 4 days will be… and actually the past month or more has been…  the most stressful experience of my life.  Mostly just working out what to do with all of our “stuff” here for the two years that we will be there. We have to move out of our house here, and put everything that we aren’t taking to Japan into storage. We had to “re-home” our pets (to our children), including driving 500 miles to our daughter’s home with our 17+ year old kitty.  Throw the Christmas holidays into the mix, and the past few weeks have been a roller coaster ride.

Today has been more laundry and cleaning, the horrible refrigerator and pantry “purge”…  and more work with the landscape maintenance company. Tomorrow is last minute appointments with dentist and chiropractor, a haircut, and final packing of our luggage. Also, we have two showings of our home to potential renters. Thursday will be movers packing our allotted 1000 pound shipment of household goods — which will arrive in Tokyo in 2 to 3 weeks.  Friday, more last minute appointments and packing.  Then Saturday we leave.

The actual packing and storing of the rest of our stuff…  and leasing of our home…  won’t actually take place until February. My husband has a business trip from Tokyo to Germany, and we will return here for a few days on our way back to Tokyo and move out of the house. Did I mention that we are also selling off one of our cars? One will go into storage in February, and the other is being sold this week.  Our mail will be collected at my husband’s company here, and will be sent to us in Tokyo.

Like I said…  lots of details that we never considered at the outset… And there will be a lot more details once we get to Tokyo to set up our home there. It is all getting done, day by day. And… My next post will be from TOKYO!!