The story resumes… in London

He said…

In July 2020, we returned to our home in the United States after 4-1/2 years living in Tokyo. It was a difficult transition back. Although we like many things about our house and about living in the US, it just didn’t feel the same. We knew a change was going to be needed. And now, it is going to happen.

My company has offered me a 3-year job assignment in London. And, after some serious consideration, we’ve decided to accept it. And although we’ve now had international living experience, this time it will be different in many ways.

Last time, we essentially left our house and all our possessions in the capable hands of our daughter. She took care of the house – and our cats – while we were away. So, when we moved back, we were really just returning to the home we left.

This time, we will be selling our house…our cars…and many of our possessions that we’ve accumulated over 43 years of marriage. We have known that the time to “downsize” would come eventually. This is going to mean doing it in the next couple of months. To say that is stressful and nearly overwhelming is an understatement. I don’t think we yet know all this will involve, and the emotions it will arouse.

And, to add another layer of complexity, this time we are taking our 3 cats with us. We’ve done some research into the intricacies of moving pets to the UK, and the process is complicated and expensive. We can probably give the cats a sedative for the trip over. We may need one ourselves to get through the process.

And so, we begin this new phase of our lives with anticipation… excitement… curiosity… and a large dose of outright terror. We’re going to restart our blog to begin sharing our new international experiences. Hope you will enjoy it.