Water and Wildlife…

I love Tokyo. And, I love the area of Tokyo where we live. Even though we live in a 30-floor apartment tower surrounded by many other — and bigger — apartment towers, our “neighborhood” is very residential. Children walk along the sidewalks on their way to school, there are moms with babies and toddlers on bikes, in strollers and baby packs. Workers walk to their offices. People are running and jogging, and walking their dogs. It is very quiet and peaceful.

This part of Tokyo is all built up on artificial islands — land that has been reclaimed from Tokyo Bay — and many of these islands are separated by canals. I love to walk and run along these canals. Most of the islands have walkways built alongside the canals with plenty of places to sit and relax. It is a popular place for people to take their lunch or have a break. It is IN the city, yet it doesn’t feel like it is IN the city.

I have started taking photos of the water in the canals. Something about the inky darkness of the water breaks the reflections of the buildings and bridges into interesting patterns of shapes and colors. I never really noticed this about water before, and just stumbled upon it because it showed up in the photos I took of the ducks and wildlife along the canal. So… here you go… Just a few of my favorites.

This was actually taken along the Meguro River, with the sun reflecting off the swirling water.
Turned this one sideways… liked it better that way.
Love the blue…
And the circles.

Let’s add some wildlife… ducks in these photos, but we see heron, egrets, cormorants, seagulls, and pigeons. There are turtles, and lots of fish — some of the fish are more than two feet long. We also see jellyfish in the brackish water of the canals.

Northern Pintail
And another… I like the flashes of green in the water. the bridge he was swimming under is green and reflected on the water.
This is a Teal. And you can almost see the windows of the building reflected in the water.
Spot-bill Duck. The ducks here have their seasons… Spot-bills are here in the summer, and raise their babies on the canals. They leave in the fall, and the other ducks come back for the winter. In the winter we see about a dozen different species of ducks.
This is a Tufted Duck… black and white, but the head is actually a very dark purple. Note the patterns in the water.
Northern Shoveler — the water is almost as colorful as the duck. Can you tell why he is called a “shoveler”…lol.
And another shoveler — and interesting patterns in the water.
Tufted Duck.
And now you can see his “tuft”…
And this Tufted Duck sitting in the colored swirls of water. The sky and the high-rise buildings around the canal made these colors.

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My husband and I were both born and raised in Kansas, but for the past 20+ years we have been living in Atlanta, Georgia. Now, with our children grown and out of the house, we have the opportunity to spend two years living in Tokyo. My husband will be working with the Japanese counterpart to his American company.

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